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A Different Style of Advisor

How it goes

Use your free initial consultation to explain what you are trying to do. "I don't even know where to begin" or "We want to pay less in taxes" or "I have these proposals from other advisors and want input" or "Is my will and estate planning adequate?" People get great value out of that meeting alone, even without formalizing a relationship and going further. If you do want a more formal arrangement for full financial planning, I refer you to and operate as an Investment Advisory Representative for National Wealth Management, LLC, an SEC regulated firm. For tax advice or preparation, you pay Julien Financial, LLC directly. In any circumstance, we agree upon a fee and that's that. We can continue annually with any service or just run a single engagement.

Is it really different?

Financial planning is my world; I've seen it all in 20 years, and know "how it works." Sometimes you, the consumer, don't know what you don't know. Just like I don't really understand all the ins and outs of repairing my home, or managing a grocery store, or setting up my computer, you also need a trusted pro for your finances.


An avid consumerist, I will show you where the truth hurts you. What you are doing well, and where you are failing. I rarely see someone who can't improve something in their financial life. There are ripoffs. There are honest omissions. There are poor choices. And there is a lack of knowledge.


Get a "dollarization" of what someone can do for you with their improvements. I provide that dollarization in writing so you can decide if we should work together. Or if you are just fine, and we part friends. See the Services section.

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